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Last Updated: March 28, 2008

On April 24, Appraisal Institute members will lobby Congress during the association’s annual Leadership Development & Advisory Council event in Washington, D.C. One issue LDAC participants will lobby on is appraisal regulatory reform. They will be urging the Senate to pass H.R. 3915, which contains improvements to Title XI of FIRREA. At the same time, LDAC participants will lobby against a provision contained in another bill pending in the Senate, S. 2452, that would impose a bonding requirement on residential appraisers and give consumers a private right of action against appraisers.


Appraisers are being encouraged to contact their Senators in advance of LDAC to urge them to seek the removal of the bonding and right-of-action against appraisers provisions in S. 2452. Brian Rodgers, the Appraisal Institute’s Congressional Representative, said appraisers should ask their Senators to “focus on the helpful and productive solutions in the appraisal industry, by including the House-passed appraisal reform provisions from H.R. 3915 in any legislation in the Senate.”

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