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1. Real Analytics will not be responsible for matters of a legal nature that affect any and all reported material, data and statistics. Whenever possible RA attempts to verify all material, data and statistics provided or collected from neutral third party auditors.

 2. In certain cases RA has estimated certain values  and contributory values. When done so, RA will state estimations.

 3. RA will not be responsible for any such incorrect information, data, statistics and/or conditions that pre-exist or for said information being provided, as incorrect.
4. RA obtaines information, estimates, and opinions that are expressed in all articles/posts from sources that RA considers to be reliable and believes them to be true and correct. RA does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of such items that were furnished by other parties that are deemed incorrect or false. Additionally, Information and data contained in articles/posts and reports, although obtained from public record and other reliable sources, and to the extent possible, carefully checked by RA are accepted as satisfactory evidence upon which rest the opinions expressed herein.  Any information furnished by others is believed to be reliable, but no responsibility for its accuracy is accepted. 
5. Information, data, statistics and even opin­ions fur­nished to RA, by other parties and con­tained in posts/reports, articles which are sometimes ob­tained from other sources are considered reliable and believed to be true and correct.  How­ever, no warranty is given for its accuracy of such items furnished to RA from outside/other parites.


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