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Expanding on our previous post on concussions, Schutt has come out with a Safer Helmet. With more energy absorbing material and a better design. Just what we were stating last year. Football helmets need to be more like top of the line racing helmets.


The Rutgers Scarlet Knights Football team is the oldest college football team in the nation, having the played the first official intercollegiate football game against Princeton in 1869. NCAA Division I Rutgers was an independent team for 122 years until 1991, then joining the Big East.

In 2005 Rutgers achieved a winning season for the first time in 13 long years. The last three years have also been winning seasons for the Scarlet Knights under New Jersey native head coach Greg Schiano, including their first ever post-season win- beating Kansas State in the Texas Bowl.

The original Rutgers Stadium was completed in 1938 and the team played there until 1992. 1994 saw the new stadium built upon the old grounds, and currently houses the football team as well as NCAA soccer and Lacrosse games. In 2008 the stadium underwent an expansion- upping seating capacity to 52,454. The last four years have seen a significant rise in attendance, mainly due to the recent success of the team.

Here is the breakdown so far of the six game home attendance statistics for 2009 and 2008 respectively.


Date                    Opponent            Site                                Result      Attendance

September 7   Cincinnati            Rutgers Stadium  •  L 47-15      53,737

September 12  Howard                Rutgers Stadium  •  W 45-7      43,722

September 19  Florida Intrnl    Rutgers Stadium  •  W 23-15    45,273

October 10    Texas Southern   Rutgers Stadium  •  W 42-0       50,169

October 16    Pittsburgh              Rutgers Stadium  •   L 24-17     50,296

November 12   So Florida          Rutgers Stadium  •   W 31-0       48,057

Total Attendance for six home games 2009:                                  291,254



Date                     Opponent              Site                                Result       Attendance

September 1     Fresno State         Rutgers Stadium  •  L 7–24      42,508

September 11    No Carolina         Rutgers Stadium  •  L 12–44    42,502

September 27    Morgan State     Rutgers Stadium  •  W 38–0     42,411

October 18    Connecticut              Rutgers Stadium  •  W 12–10   42,491

November 8    Syracuse                 Rutgers Stadium  •  W 35–17   42,172
November 22    Army                     Rutgers Stadium  •  W 30–3     42,212

Total Attendance for six home games 2008:                                    254,296

The delta from 2008 to 2009 is +36,958. Or, an increase of 12.69%

Average attendance during 2008 was:     42,383.6

Average attendance for 2009 to date is:  48,542.3

All data provided by parties other than Real Analytics is deemed reliable and true. Whenever possible RA verifies provided data with neutral third parties.

Real Analytics compares the NFL’s top five Passer rating to overall standings.  Three of the top five quarterbacks/teams match up in the overall top five of each catagory. The overall passer rating as defined by the NFL, can be at times somewhat suspect and also misleading.

Although in this case at week 9/10  the two separate statistics are fairly accurate yielding a 67% ratio of the top five QB’s versus top five teams.

Teams at 6-2 were judged by + net points rather than percentage.

NFL Passer Rating (overall)

1. Drew Brees* – NO                   106.1
2. Brett Favre* – MIN               106
3. P. Manning* – IND                105.2
4. B. Roethlisberger – PIT      104.1
5. Aaron Rodgers – GNB         103.3


Overall W L T
New Orleans * 8 – 0 – 0
Indianapolis * 8 – 0 – 0
Minnesota * 7 – 1 – 0
New England 6 – 2 – 0
Dallas 6 – 2 – 0

(5-4 teams were excluded as both the Giants and Texans lost their last games)

For a more in-depth, analytical view:

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