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Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s President,
Cecile Richards, makes a whopping $340,498 per year in salary.

Planned Parenthood of America is a charitable organization
and like most all charities, are typically not self-sustaining.
They rely on funding from donations, both private and public. 

One of the problems with certain charities as well-intentioned as
they may be, is that most are not resigned to an end-game.
They have to keep the “issues” or problems perpetuating.
Now for some organizations, there exists more serious and very
real health problems which are fatal and/or debilitating-
for which there are no cures and their work is absolutley needed.

But, for many charities, the “problems” are solvable.  But here’s
the rub and the paradox;  if the “problems” get solved…the
organization in all likelyhood go away or are then significantly
reduced…as do the usual large and bloated salaries and the
many jobs within these organizations. It’s a double-edge sword.

One could argue that Planned Parenthood would be better off
spending a portion of that almost One Hundred and Four Million 
in Net Assests on education for the predominatley minority contingent
who often become pregnant in their teens and pre-teen years.

It’s also  no secret that many charities have “un-offical” political ties
and backing and are influenced as such. Whether it’s religion, politics
or social agenda’s, some charities are not as ‘transparent’ as we
would like to believe.

One could even make the argument that if Planned Parenthood
made a serious and concerted effort to help lower the number
of these unwanted and unplanned pregnancy cases through education
and outreach campaigns (excluding rape situations) by a significant number,
they would be ensuring their own demise. Ah…and therin lies that RUB.


Income Statement    

Primary Revenue


Other Revenue


Total Revenue


Note: This organization receives $0 in government support.
Program Expenses


Administrative Expenses


Fundraising Expenses


Total Functional Expenses


Payments to Affiliates


Excess (or Deficit) for the year


Net Assets


Compensation of Leaders    

Compensation % of Expenses Paid to Title  
$340,498 0.42% Cecile Richards President


Data obtained from Charity Navigator

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